05 June 2011

It Has Begun.

LSAT studying, that is.

Never fear: since the test is still months away, I'm just working on some preliminary things. Nothing too strenuous that will keep me from doing much more important things, like park wandering and outdoor day drinking.

I don't think that working on my dissertation, studying for the LSAT, and the above mentioned summer activities will be enough to keep me occupied and happy this summer, however. After discussing it with one of my friends, he suggested I should look into volunteering. Perfect idea. Ever since I made the decision to definitely apply for law school for next fall, I had the idea that I would go home and split my time between a part time job and volunteering (hopefully at the Humane Society or some type of rescue organization). So, I've started looking into various animal charities and homes in London that I could work with. Sadly, most of them require a time commitment of 3-6+ months, but I've been communicating with one organization in particular that seems to be willing to work with my time constraints. Being able to walk and play with dogs a few times a week sounds more than perfect for me. :)

Cross your fingers that that ends up working out for me. If it doesn't, I'll still be on the hunt for something meaningful to do with some of my time. Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the French Open Men's final! I'd love to see Federer win, but I'm definitely a fan of Nadal as well. Can't go wrong here.

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