03 January 2010

A Weekend Spent in Thought

I had a lot of time to think this weekend. I obviously didn't work Friday, so I had a nice long weekend in the house to myself for the most part. Kellen went to Chicago for the weekend. My dad came over yesterday morning from Port Huron to help with a few things. He put up my new tv that I got for Christmas, the table that it goes on, our snow blower, and took care of a few other things for us. Then we went to dinner and came back to put on a fire and watch the Red Wings win! It was a nice night.

So anyways, other than that, it was just myself and the dogs this weekend (all 3!). I've been thinking a lot about everything. It still feels very right to me to be doing this. I guess the only thing I am questioniong is the timing. I really want to go next fall - but can I?? I made my budget and figured out how much I can save by September...about half of what I will need in my account for immigration (7400 pounds, which is a little over $12,000, for 9 months). My parents are going to help me, and hopefully financial aid will be able to cover some of my costs. But, it's still stressful to think about. I would have no problem having all of this together if I waited...but I just don't want to. Am I being selfish? childish? silly? I don't know...

I heard back from one of my references, and he said he would be happy to write a letter for me. Great! Just waiting to hear from the other...

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