11 March 2010


Thank god it's (almost) Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. This week at work hasn't been as rough as I was anticipating after missing three days. My bosses weren't mad, I got the paid time off, and everyone has been in a pretty good and fun mood! That always makes things better in the office.

I am definitely feeling better. I'm still getting tired easily, and a little dizzy once in a while...but aside from that I've been alright.

Kellen left to go home tonight...and she took both dogs with her. :( It will be so weird being here ALL alone - normally I at least have the dogs with me when she's gone! Brett is already home for spring break, so I'll be the only one over here. They all want me to come home, but I just don't know if I'm up for the drive (2.5 hours) after working a full day tomorrow. Obviously I would love to see my parents and my brother (and Casey!) but I'm just so tired and the drive really takes a lot out of me even on a good day. We'll see though.

I'm really trying to gather up the motivation to get my ass to the gym tonight! Off to go work on that...

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